Proprietary low stress process
Aptek’s proprietary and patented hot wax processing induces less stress in the wafer during grinding, resulting in far lower breakage rates and wafers that are better able to withstand further handling and processing. Aptek employs a patented, unique “hot wax” process to secure wafers during the grinding and polishing processes. This method is extremely gentle no photoresist or even passivation is required to protect the surface of the wafers-and it involves less wafer handling. A major manufacturer of testing equipment stated “wafers processed by Aptek exhibit less regional stress by a factor of 10,” than other methods.The process easily tolerates high bump materials and high ink-dots very well. Under Aptek’s senior management, the company continues to introduce new procedures and materials that allow it to respond to the need for ever thinner wafers. Today, Aptek holds the leading-edge technology in its field, and customer records demonstrate that we consistently provide extremely high yields.

Exacting Specifications
Aptek’s processes are ideal for removing the diode from the wafer’s backside and for thinning the wafers to fit flatpac packaging. With our proprietary processes, we can thin wafers from two to twelve inches (50-300 mm) in diameter, to thicknesses down to 4 mils (100 microns), with a tolerance of .5 mils (12 microns) guaranteed. Our services include backside polishing with a thickness down to 1 mil (25-30 microns), backside gold removal and grinding of ceramic substrates, germanium, sapphire, galiium arsenide, and other materials.

Stringent Cleanliness
Our cleanroom is certified at better than Class 100. Initial inspections, final inspections and packaging are performed under laminar-flow hoods in an environment certified better than Class 10. Our DI water cleaning system completely eliminates any chemicals in the cleaning process.

Highest Throughput in the Industry
Aptek’s proprietary processes handles multiple wafers per pass. This unique capability enables us to provide our customers with the highest throughput of any backgrinding/polishing process. Our standard turn-around time is 24 hours, with “Quick Turn” (QT) service of one to three hours available-even on evenings and weekends.

Dramatic Cost Savings
Our superior throughput capabilities also allow us to provide our customers with substantial cost savings over other methods. Research shows that in many instances our charges are 30-60% lower than industryaverages for the same services.

Customer Service Focus
From the beginning, Aptek was built around the philosophy of supplying superior customer service. Our experienced staff is ready to work with you to solve your specific production problems and to meet your tightest turn-around requirements.

Finest Customer Service in the industry
Aptek’s driving principle is customer service. Because our proprietary process allows us to handle multiple wafers per pass, we can provide you with much faster turn-around times for your wafers. Our normal turn time is one day. We also offer a “Quick Turn” (QT) service that guarantees a 3 hour turn-around on most orders and can be as fast as one hour. We regularly work extended hours, including weekends, to fill your QT orders. During normal working hours, you will reach a helpful person when you phone. After hours you will be directed to someone who can provide immediate assistance.

We offer ADE 8100 automatic wafer measurements (thickness, thickness variance TIV, thickness run-out TIR) and 2D or 3D graphic print outs. Additional services include 12 hour production days, courier service, drop shipments and counter-to-counter shipments, an 800 number, e-mail communications to an IBM compatible database and, our world wide web presence..

Every Procedure Documented to ISO 9000 Standards
Our processes are conducted in CFC-free, non-ODS environment. ESD procedures are observed throughout the grinding, polishing, cleaning and inspection processes. In addition, we maintain written specifications for all in-house procedures, and all procedures are tracked on our computer systems. We have computerized systems to track quality parameters, graph and chart results, publish customer quality reports and track scrap and nonconforming materials.